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Join NEWFin, the Network of Ethiopia's Women in Finance, on a transformative journey towards gender equality and professional empowerment in the financial sector.

About NEWFin

NEWFin is a pioneering network fostering empowerment and gender equality within Ethiopia's financial services sector. Through networking, professional development, and advocacy, we strive to elevate women's voices and accelerate financial inclusion in Ethiopia.

Latest Updates

National Bank of Ethiopia Launches NEWFin, The Network of Ethiopia’s Women in Finance

የፕሬስ መግለጫ: የኢትዮጵያ የፋይናንስ ባለሙያ ሴቶች ኔትዎርክ (ኒውፊን) በይፋ ተመሠረተ

We are thrilled to announce that NEWFin's very own Dr. Emebet Melese Zeleke has been appointed as the CEO of Nib Bank. This milestone marks her as the first female executive of the bank and one of the current two women serving as CEOs in the banking sector. It's inspiring to witness such significant progress in bridging the gender gap in leadership. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Embet in her new role!
Today we celebrate the launch of the Network of Ethiopia’s Women in Finance (NEWFin), a pivotal initiative aiming to close the gender gap in the financial sector. With a deep commitment to collective action, NEWFin operates under a strategic vision to empower and advance women’s leadership in Ethiopia’s financial sector. By employing a comprehensive approach, NEWFin not only fosters women’s economic empowerment but also contributes significantly to broader financial inclusion goals in Ethiopia.
About us

About NEWFin

NEWFin is a pioneering network fostering empowerment and gender equality within Ethiopia's financial services sector. Through networking, professional development, and advocacy, we strive to elevate women's voices and accelerate financial inclusion in Ethiopia.

How we work

At NEWFin, our approach is centered on collaboration, empowerment, and impact. Here's how we work:


We empower women professionals through networking, mentorship, and skill-building initiatives. Our programs are designed to equip women with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to excel in their careers and contribute to the advancement of the financial services industry.


We measure our success by the impact we create. Through advocacy, research, and community engagement, we strive to influence policies, practices, and attitudes towards gender equality and financial inclusion, ultimately fostering a more equitable and inclusive financial sector in Ethiopia.


We believe in the power of partnerships. By collaborating with key stakeholders, including financial institutions, regulators, and industry associations, we leverage collective expertise and resources to drive meaningful change in the financial sector.

From our members


Join NEWFin today and be part of a transformative movement empowering women in Ethiopia's financial sector.

Together, we can drive change, foster inclusion, and shape a brighter future for all. Take the first step towards empowerment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEWFin?

NEWFin, or the Network of Ethiopia’s Women in Finance, is an initiative founded with the mission to support the advancement and leadership of women within Ethiopia's financial sector. It aims to address the gender gap in leadership by providing training, networking opportunities, and advocacy to enhance the professional development of women in finance.

What are the objectives of NEWFin?

The primary objectives of NEWFin include fostering a supportive community for women professionals in finance, promoting professional development to enhance women's representation in leadership roles, and advocating for gender equality within the sector. This is achieved through a strategic framework focusing on advancement and career development, advocacy and community engagement, networking, growth and sustainability, partnerships, and visibility and branding.

Who can join NEWFin?

NEWFin is open to women professionals across all levels within the financial sector, encompassing banks, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, microfinance institutions, development financial institutions (DFIs), payment system operators, equity/venture capital firms, the capital market, and capital goods firms. While NEWFin extends its membership to professionals from all tiers of employment, it especially seeks those in leadership or executive positions, urging them to lead as network champions and mentors. Additionally, NEWFin invites financial institutions and associations to join as partners, supporting initiatives aimed at fostering gender-inclusive policies and advancing leadership development programs within the financial ecosystem.

How can I join NEWFin?

Interested individuals and organizations can join NEWFin by registering at NEWFin events or through this link. The process includes providing professional details to facilitate targeted support and integration into NEWFin's various programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing women's roles in finance.

What activities does NEWFin organize?

NEWFin organizes a range of activities designed to support its objectives, including professional development training, networking events, workshops on leadership and financial literacy, mentorship programs, and advocacy initiatives. These activities aim to empower women in finance with the skills and networks necessary for advancing their careers.

How can I become a mentor or mentee with NEWFin?

Those interested in becoming mentors or mentees can apply through NEWFin's dedicated platforms. The program matches experienced professionals with those seeking guidance, based on career goals and professional development needs, facilitating meaningful mentorship relationships.

How does NEWFin support career development?

NEWFin supports career development through a comprehensive approach that includes offering leadership training, workshops on key financial topics, mentorship opportunities, and resources for effective career planning. Its initiatives are designed to equip women with the knowledge and skills required to ascend to leadership positions within the financial sector.

Can my organization become a corporate partner or sponsor of NEWFin?

Yes, NEWFin welcomes partnerships and sponsorships from organizations committed to supporting gender equality and women's professional advancement in finance. Potential partners are encouraged to contact NEWFin to explore collaboration opportunities and support for NEWFin's programs and initiatives.

How can I stay updated with NEWFin's latest news and events?

To stay informed about NEWFin's activities, you can subscribe to its newsletter through the official website and follow NEWFin on social media platforms. These channels provide updates on upcoming events, initiatives, and achievements in promoting women's leadership in finance.

How can I contribute to NEWFin's mission as a volunteer?

Individuals interested in supporting NEWFin's mission can volunteer in various capacities, including event management, program support, and advocacy efforts. Prospective volunteers should contact NEWFin directly to learn more about current volunteer opportunities and how they can contribute to empowering women in Ethiopia's financial sector.